You can earn a minor in math at Marian University

Mathematics Minor

If you enjoy math but want to have more academic and career flexibility, consider adding a math minor to your plan of study.

Earning a minor in math is a good way to strengthen your skills and knowledge of mathematical theories and concepts without the in-depth learning that earning a B.S. in math requires.

A mathematics minor can be developed to complement any major, but is especially useful if you are majoring in one of the sciences or are want to apply to a graduate degree in science or technology after completing your undergraduate studies.

Why minor in math at Marian?

If your career goal includes working in a science or technical field, earning a minor in math can be a smart choice because it complements courses in biology, chemistry, physics, clinical laboratory science, engineering, and other subjects.

It’s also a good choice for students who want to work in business and corporate settings like accounting, finance, business analytics, management, and marketing, among others.

  • If you are majoring in chemistry, a math minor can help you develop appropriate mathematical models for pharmaceutical research and development projects, for example.
  • Secondary education majors may want to minor in math to teach in middle or high schools.
  • Combined with a business degree, you can better understand complex financial models tied to the economy or investments.

What will you study?

To earn a minor in math, you will choose from required and elective courses like:

  • Calculus and analytic geometry
  • Linear algebra
  • Differential equations
  • Statistical inference and data analysis

What career paths are available?

Earning a minor in math that complements your degree program can make you more attractive as a job candidate in a variety of fields and organizations, especially those related to:

  • Physical or natural sciences
  • Healthcare
  • Business
  • Information technology
  • Engineering

Talk to one of our academic advisors about whether earning a minor in math is right for you. 

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