Joyce Horton, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology and Chemistry

(317) 955-6012
Marian Hall, room 201b

joyce horton


Joyce Horton, Ph.D. received a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Michigan, a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Wayne State University in the School of Medicine and completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan School of Medicine in the Department of Physiology. She taught in the medical schools while earning her degrees and was an Adjunct Associate Professor at Madonna University where she taught Introduction to Life Chemistry and Molecular Biology. Dr. Horton enjoys advising students and helping to plan their time at Marian to prepare them for their continued success once leaving Marian University. Dr. Horton is the co-advisor for Sigma Zeta, a National Science and Math Honor Society. A very active group on campus that brings speakers to campus, gives students an opportunity to travel to the national meeting and present their research and give opportunities for community service. When she is not teaching Dr. Horton enjoys spending time with her family and friends, watching her children compete in their sports, attending Indy Car races and being outside hiking, biking and enjoying nature.


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Physiology Department in School of Medicine, University of Michigan
  • Ph.D., Biochemistry, Wayne State University, 1992
  • B.S., Chemistry, University of Michigan, 1986

Professional affiliations

  • American Chemical Society
  • American Physiology Society
  • Sigma Zeta – National Science and Math Honor Society


  • BIO 226 General Human Physiology
  • BIO 334 Human Medical Physiology
  • BIO 491 Biology Capstone
  • CHE 100 Elements of General and Biological Chemistry


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