Degrees and Majors

We'll prepare you for a great career—and a great life.

The College of Arts and Sciences at Marian University consists of these departments:

The liberal arts core provides an interactive and mutually enriching curriculum that empowers you to become a multidimensional critical and creative thinker and a lifelong learner.

Prepare for your professional future

Each year, we provide students from about 45 states and 23 nations with a broad foundation in key areas of knowledge and skills. We'll prepare you for success in a wide range of professional career paths and graduate studies in diverse fields, such as:

  • Arts administration
  • Biology, chemistry, and clinical laboratory science
  • Church relations and the ministry
  • Criminal justice
  • Diplomacy, government relations, political science and law
  • Engineering
  • Health sciences, including pre-professional programs in genetic counseling, medicine, physical therapy, and more
  • Math and information technology
  • Web development, social media management, content management, and journalism

In conjunction with The Exchange, we'll help you prepare for graduate school or to enter the workforce after graduation.