Scheduling an Interview on WebEx

Scheduling a Webex meeting you will host

Scheduling a meeting in Webex is as simple as scheduling a meeting in your office. Use the Schedule a Meeting function in Outlook to invite the participants, provide the time, and the agenda. For the location, simply add @webex.


When the meeting notice is sent, the system will auto populate the details needed for connecting. You can confirm the details populated by clicking on the meeting in your calendar. You will see the link to your Personal Room, as well as numbers to connect through the phone.


Hosting a meeting

From your Outlook Calendar, select the meeting and click the link to your Personal Room from the meeting details. You will be directed to to start the meeting.


You will be able to select how you connect audio (either computer or phone) and whether or not you will join with video.

Some things to consider:

  • As the host, you can mute people if there is a distracting noise.
  • If you expect the participant to use video in the meeting, inform them of that in the instructions.
  • Run a practice session from the room you will be using to make sure you are comfortable.

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