Showcasing Student Work

The Center for Teaching and Learning is showcasing the quality work our students have done during our time teaching online. Below are just a few examples. If your students have created artifacts (posters, videos, etc.) that you would like to have included on the website, please obtain your students’ permission to publicly share their work and email Tony Ribera a brief description of the assignment and the artifacts (links and PDFs).

Sociology 145 - Introduction to Social Justice (Deeb Kitchen, PhD)

For their final project, students completed a project that demonstrated social justice in action. Examples included, but were not limited to, community engagement/service research or art. As part of the project, students submitted a proposal, gave a poster presentation in a public forum (e.g., Research Day, Community Engagement Day), and submitted a critical reflection.

Nursing 331 - Care of the Adult in Community/Acute Care Setting (Christina Pepin, RN PhD CNE)

Students in Nursing 331 created community health promotion projects for Marian students. For this semester long project, students utilized a comprehensive assessment of Marian as a community, interviewing key informants across campus, as well as searching the literature on common health problems among college students.

Biology 301 - Introduction to Epidemiology (Karla Kinkade, PhD)

A public service announcement (PSA) is a message in the public interest disseminated without charge, with the objective of raising awareness of, and changing public attitudes and behavior towards, an issue. Students in Biology 301 made 15 – 30 second PSAs concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of this assignment was for students to communicate their understanding of how epidemiology is used to prevent disease.

Music 344 - Woodwind Teaching Methods (Shawn Goodman, MM)

In this course, students learned to teach all of the woodwind instruments. For the final project, students made instructional videos that band directors could use and share with their students as part of e-learning in the fall. This project was a way for Marian music majors to apply their learning and give back to the education community. 

Spanish 380 - Teaching World Languages (Julia Baumgardt, PhD)

For the "Recording of Comprehensive Input" assignment, students put into practice what they learned about the importance of comprehensible input to language acquisition. Students also applied some specific tools and practices to make that input comprehensible for students. The videos below are mock teaching samples. Marian students recorded themselves as if they were speaking with a class. 

Humanities 210 - The Search for Meaning through Culture (Drs. Higgs, Larner, and Norton)

This team-taught, general education course surveys Western civilization from earliest times to the present as reflected in the literature, art, and music of Western culture. Humanities 210 had a Creative Project assignment where students were asked to take a theme or themes from the course and create a work of art that embodies those themes. The student works below include a personal reflection on the COVID-19 pandemic and a cinematic video with all of the shots taken from a drone.

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