Earn while you learn

by Ed Ventura | Apr 17, 2019

Earn While You Learn at St. Joe Indy

Saint Joe Indy has created a unique internship program, Earn and Learn, for you to earn valuable, paid career experience while in college earning an associate degree. We designed this program so you no longer have to choose between going to college or working after high school. You can do both! We help make a high-quality college education attainable knowing that for many students bringing in an income while taking classes is essential to support yourself and help offset costs of college. The Earn and Learn model provides relevant coursework in the classroom that you can apply on the job.

Our majors paired with internship opportunities help you to become an effective problem-solver, critical thinker, and communicator. These skills benefit you as you enter your career, shaping you to become a better teammate and leader. Making the internship a staple of every Saint Joe Indy student’s experience is a distinct feature of how we ensure you’re ready for what comes next.

What does your schedule look like?
During your Saint Joe Indy program, you will take your regular classes two days a week and typically work your Earn and Learn internship three days a week. The internships will average between 15 and 24 work hours a week and will be paid. The pay and schedule specifics will depend on your internship company’s needs and your desired role in their business.

Our internship process is built into our curriculum. We will complete an individual assessment for you upon entering Saint Joe Indy to see what potential industry partner and job opportunity would be the best fit for your specialized career goals. We’ll work together to complete that assessment and matching process during your first six months at the college, meaning that you start your internship by January of your program’s first year.

Who will you work for?
Currently, we can offer internships with a number of organizations, some with a global footprint: Allison Transmission, Community Health Network, One America, KeyBank, StatWax, The Brookfield Group, Shiel Sexton, SnapShyft, The Chimney Doctor, Pass the Torch for Women, Hays and Sons, Citizens Energy Group, The Indy Women in Tech Foundation, and Pondurance. These organizations cover information technology, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and nonprofit fields. We continue to add more partnerships to further support our students’ diverse interests.

We know what these industry partners are looking for in student workers because our faculty members sit down with those professionals to learn about the skills and competencies necessary to do those jobs well. Our faculty take that information to build a relevant classroom experience.

As you start the internship program, you may be open to other internship opportunities throughout your time at the college, diversifying your experience with a range of employers. Alternatively, your fit with your first matched employer may be the best for your future, and you may be able to work with them for the duration of your Saint Joe Indy program, depending on the company’s need.

Success after graduation The great benefit of the partnerships we build with these companies is that based on successful internship outcomes, you may earn full-time employment with the company you’ve interned with. These companies are excited to take part in this program, knowing they have access to qualified, talented, and motivated students that have the potential to become a permanent member of their team if they have the need. This creates a win for you and for these organizations.

When you graduate, you’ll have the option to complete a bachelor’s degree at Marian University or another four-year institution, or enter your career directly with 1.5 years experience and an associate degree with built-in workforce certifications.

You’ll also gain connections throughout your time in the Earn and Learn program that can lead to further career networking. Best of all, you’ll earn a debt-free education with a marketable advantage. We’re proud to create a new model of higher education that benefits our students, the industries we serve, and the communities we care for.

If you have any questions, contact us so that we can shape your path to a better tomorrow, together.

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